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No-Udder Productions


No-Udder Productions came to life with an idea for the popular television show, Magnum P.I. This led to developing numerous screenplays for other popular television shows. Unfortunately, those shows moved into hiatus before Randy secured a literary agent. Randy now directed his creativity toward the big screen rather than television screens. His first project, Sunset Cowboy. Randy’s eleven optional ready scripts include: nine sole written projects, one co-written script, and one screenplay adapted from a short novel. Twelve more scripts remain in various stages of development.


In 2014, Randy realized he must turn his attention from screenwriting to writing a much-needed self-help book. While campaigning for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination within his home riding of Souris-Moose Mountain, Randy determined conservatives needed to understand the methods and motivations of “leftists”. Randy sought such a book thirty years prior, but discovered no one took up this challenge. It was time for Randy to compile this required knowledge.


The challenge was not the burden of proof but publishing his manuscript. May 2018 Randy launched his self-help book The Naked leftist: A Conservative’s Understanding to Liberals & Socialists.


To learn more of The Naked leftist, or Randy’s screenplays, choose The Naked leftist link at the top of this page.


Randy’s Bio


Raised on a cattle ranch in beautiful rural southern Saskatchewan, Randy now resides in the small town of Weyburn. A Christian family man, Randy and the love of his life married in 1987.


Randy began his working career in the construction industry and later moved onto the more prolific oil and gas industry. In 1998, Randy attained his Journeyman Industrial Mechanic Red Seal trade diploma to hang beside his Boom Truck A trade certification.


Randy remains active and is always willing to share his passions of politics, Catholicism, powerlifting, karate and financial literacy; and not necessarily in that order.


In 1984, Randy aspired to be a screenwriter, writing speculatively for television shows during that era. Since then he’s completed numerous motion picture and television scripts, many of which remain available for optioning.


Randy, a competitive powerlifter, holds a membership in the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) and competes in the Masters II age group. He holds three of the four available records in his current age/weight group within Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association (SPA). Randy is three times provincial powerlifting champion and 2020 CPU Masters II 105 kg Equipped National Champion. He also sits as a member of the Canadian Powerlifting Union Ethics committee.


When not training in his well-equipped basement gym, you can find Randy teaching or enhancing his karate skills at Weyburn Wado Kai dojo. He’s earned a rank of Shodan Black Belt and diligently works toward the rank of Nidan. He holds the position of secretary for the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation’s Communication and Marketing committee.


Active within his home community, Randy sits (past & present) either as director or executive upon various boards. These include: Knights of Columbus Council and Assembly executive positions; SaskParty Provincial Council director; Souris Moose Mountain Conservative EDA membership director; Weyburn Special Olympics director; Founder/owner of No-Udder Productions; President and co-founder Horseshoes Ventures Inc.


Being a strong conservative, Randy promotes self-reliance, personal initiative, personal responsibility, a small but limited government and above all fiscal responsibility. Being a strong supporter of the free market economy, Randy resolutely advocates North Americans must increase their financial literacy. He cares for the men, women and families within police and military forces.


Observing politics within all human activity effected Randy’s direct participation in Saskatchewan politics (Federal and Provincial) at grassroots and executive levels. It was inescapable in 2014 many Conservatives asked Randy to run for the nomination in his federal riding to maintain strong conservative values in Canadian politics.




 Speaking at a SaskParty Fundraising eventSpeaking at a SaskParty Fundraising event


You can engage Randy in your future events; he speaks passionately on the following topics: The Naked leftist and other political matters, religion, Knights of Columbus, powerlifting, Wado Kai Karate, financial literacy, Special Olympics and education.

Masters of Ceremony, Bishop Klein AssemblyMasters of Ceremony, Bishop Klein Assembly 

If you want to book Randy for an appearance, interview or book signing, please use CONTACT links. Randy will fit you into his busy schedule.

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