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Posted 8/29/2020

Inspired by Facebook Post by Gerri Heppner Holmes, March 21, 2020


Few things cause me anxiety in this unsettling period in our lives. I cannot say that for the rest of our society. My overall observation, most individuals operate in fear.

A recent and perfect example is Covid 19. While we should concern ourselves and be diligent, sanity must prevail. The situation dramatically elevated to a mob-like fear spreading faster than Covid-19 itself.

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Posted 7/11/2020

A few months ago, the left continued their incessant push that global warming will be the death of us. Suddenly, it was the deadly Chinese virus that would decimate us all.  Now if we didn’t have enough of leftist idiocy, we must contend with violent Black Lives Matter thugs. They are not activists but Antifa terrorists funded by Marxists sympathizers, the likes of George Soros, Barack Obama and the Chinese government.


The woke global alarmist crowd should be overjoyed and dancing in the streets welcoming the virus. For years we’ve heard claims that the planet is overpopulated, it is unsustainable, man perpetuates global warming and it dooms us. But they’re not dancing, they’re cowering under the basement steps wearing masks.

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George Floyd and White Supremacy

Posted 6/7/2020

Listening to Rush Limbaugh’s June 1st podcast provoked me for this this month’s blog. Rush spoke with the ‘Breakfast Club’ about George Floyd’s death. I can’t say murder, because we have yet to discover all the facts

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WUHAN - the Destruction, the Lies, the Aftermath

Posted 4/19/2020

I realize the Wuhan flu virus (Covid 19) is a serious and complex matter. Initially, I ignored the flu’s progression, the hysteria and the fake news associated with it. Just let the damn thing and herd immunity run its course. As time unfolded responses (idiotic at best) from our worldwide and local governments escalated, I had to share my two cents. I was not about to be the silent majority who were sheep and being led to slaughter.

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Wuhan Virus, Kung Flu

Posted 4/4/2020

Wuhan flu, Corona virus, Covid 19, or if you wish a terrorist's dream, whatever you want to refer to it, it is nothing more than a serious case of the flu. This virus shall pass, but others will arise. Our governments decisively crippled our economy with their idiotic, ludicrous martial law. It will take years for this economic carnage to recover from this willful fascism.

What purpose did shutting in the economy serve?

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SPRING CLEANING - Dusting the Attic

Posted 3/15/2020

It’s that time of year where Spring, a time of transition, that wonderful time of year where days lengthen, the ground turns from white or brown to green and other vibrant colors.

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Posted 2/9/2020

Leftism is a mental disorder


June 16, 2015 Donald J. Trump descends the Trump Tower escalator and declares his intent to run for the President of the United States. Media, and the left respond with laughter. Believing him to be a vaudeville barker and his words hollow. Donald Trump, a master at self-promotion had to be joking or initiating a marketing ploy.

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Posted 2/9/2020

2020 and we usher in a new decade. My wish for this new decade: we witness mainstream media’s return to days of old, way old (at least four decades prior) when media was conscience in reporting accuracy. Conscience of journalism ethics. Where networks and their newscasters reported facts rather than unsubstantiated biased opinion.  2019 was no exception to that bias, fake news and times when media failed to report news but shielded leftist politicians and their influential leftist supporters.

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Posted 1/11/2020

The love of sport pulls us incessantly. The sense of accomplishment intoxicates, especially days when you manage a personal best (P.B). That gratification intensifies and reciprocates when witnessed by a training partner or coach. That shared elation feeds the beast within you. More times than not, there is no witness, there is no video and the beast must feed itself.


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Posted 12/15/2019

Democrats and Main Stream Media have pushed the contentious subject of impeachment since Trump was first sworn in as President of the United States. They got their nose bent out of joint because their crooked candidate lost in a fair election. The impeachment is not only an attack on Trump it’s an attack and a reversal of 63 million voters who cast their ballot for Trump.

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