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Take Back Your Freedom

Posted 2/28/2021

Shortly after dinner on February 27th, I received a phone call. The caller, a friend, invited me to a gathering of like-minded individuals. 

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Posted 2/17/2021

This past spring, like everyone else, I took an interest in the Wuhan virus that hit China. It intrigued me from a health, political and economic standpoint. I questioned CCP’s handling of the virus. You don’t build a “hospital” in 7 days, especially when the resultant facility resembles a box car prison cell. 

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Posted 1/15/2021

In order to remove Trump from the Presidential office, the Democrats and others revealed their true colors. The colors of Marxism.

No matter what you think of Trump, he was a patriot that placed America and its people first. MAGA was something to be feared by the swamp.

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Posted 1/15/2021

The irrationality of the masses astounds. 

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Defend Our Church

Posted 12/6/2020

The following is a letter I've shared with Saskatchewan Catholic Bishops. We must defend our Church. It not only applies for Catholicism but all religious faiths. 

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Western Separatists and Remembrance Day

Posted 11/14/2020

A friendly discussion with close friends, caused me to comment regarding a questionable statement if not an implication, are western separatists patriotic? My response:

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Saskatchewan Election 2020

Posted 10/4/2020

As we go to the polls this October 26th, Saskatchewan voters have a choice: Fascism or Marxism. Which political party is the lesser of two evils?

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Saskatchewan Rough Riders and BLM Support

Posted 10/4/2020

Some time this fall, Saskatchewan Roughriders, a professional sports team, shared a social media post. [i]

The jest of their post addressed racism. No doubt they capitulated the pressure of Black Lives Matter.  If anyone or any organization issues a statement concerning systemic racism, either supports or fears BLM (Black Lives Matter) is not worthy of my support. I refuse to succumb to a Marxist terrorist organization the likes of BLM. Nor will I support an organization that supports or fears BLM.

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Posted 8/29/2020

Inspired by Facebook Post by Gerri Heppner Holmes, March 21, 2020


Few things cause me anxiety in this unsettling period in our lives. I cannot say that for the rest of our society. My overall observation, most individuals operate in fear.

A recent and perfect example is Covid 19. While we should concern ourselves and be diligent, sanity must prevail. The situation dramatically elevated to a mob-like fear spreading faster than Covid-19 itself.

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Posted 7/11/2020

A few months ago, the left continued their incessant push that global warming will be the death of us. Suddenly, it was the deadly Chinese virus that would decimate us all.  Now if we didn’t have enough of leftist idiocy, we must contend with violent Black Lives Matter thugs. They are not activists but Antifa terrorists funded by Marxists sympathizers, the likes of George Soros, Barack Obama and the Chinese government.


The woke global alarmist crowd should be overjoyed and dancing in the streets welcoming the virus. For years we’ve heard claims that the planet is overpopulated, it is unsustainable, man perpetuates global warming and it dooms us. But they’re not dancing, they’re cowering under the basement steps wearing masks.

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