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Posted 9/26/2021

To be honest, my opinion for this blog born from a social media meme. Unfortunately, I do not know the original author. Because of his or her logic, it should be shared and expanded.

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Posted 9/11/2021

With any medication, vaccination or drug, YOU choose to ingest, inhale, or suppository—I hope you consider the following questions before consuming such a product. To be honest, I’ve directed these questions toward the vaccines suggested and intended for SARS-CoV-2.

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The Fool who became Prime Minister - Trudeau

Posted 8/17/2021

Where, how does one start with so much corruption and incompetence? Especially when such an exhaustive list is ignored by mainstream media.

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Posted 7/16/2021

Today we witness a new “Native Uprising”, this international modern-day controversy concerns residential schools and unmarked children’s graves. Are these mass graves actually unmarked, forgotten by design or forgotten because of time? Or forgotten because nobody cared? Do all these graves contain children? Are these graves proof of crimes against humanity akin to genocide against WW II Jews, Bosnian Croats, or those who oppose Communism as witnessed in the past and we now witness in Cuba?

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What is Science?

Posted 7/2/2021

I’ve had my share of verbal and written assaults on various topics with leftists. Many leftists fail to understand words have meaning. They love to deceive you with falsehoods, injecting their feelings and even fiction (lies) as fact, manipulating language to lead you down the narrow garden path within their reality. Their ill-conceived perceptions and feelings (which they truly believe to be true) are forced upon us all to be automatically accepted as reality. Then we witness some leftists who realize words have meaning and speak with forked, duplicitous tongues. Science is one such deceitful subject hijacked by secularists in order to indoctrinate weak minded individuals.

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Maverick Party

A Doctor Willing to Speak of Truth

Posted 5/29/2021

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Posted 5/9/2021

The term brainwashing is a bit of a misnomer. Brainwashing implies that a person has a change of mind and is unaware of what is happening. The clinical term is Coercive Persuasion.

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Sir John A. Macdonald

Posted 4/14/2021

Late March 2021, Regina City council voted in favour to remove a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald from Victoria Park. Passing with a vote of seven to four, they eventually removed the statue April 7th,2021. Sir John A’s statue is to be put in storage while the city consults with the public on what to do with it.

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Posted 3/14/2021

Covid is a true killer. So far, it’s killed the flu, cancer, and even heart disease - it also killed the ability to think, to apply logic and common sense. It killed the economy, the working class, and millions of jobs. It killed millions of businesses, human connections, love and compassion.

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