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Posted 10/12/2019

Psalm 2:2-3 KJV

The Kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

By what standard of moral code does society live by, God or Government? God’s law according to atheists is imperfect, so we must live by man’s (leftist authoritarian government) law. All tyrants claimed what they were doing was to create a better society; mass sterilization, eugenics, Hitler’s and Islamic Jewish extermination, Islamic countries purging Christians.


Man, passes laws allowing doctor assisted suicide and killing unborn innocents under the guise of healthcare. Euthanasia, abortion is not healthcare. We often hear the feminists cry of “My body my choice!”  We allow the killing of the unborn, yet we have many laws that prohibit choice:

  • Failing to wear a seat belt while in a motor vehicle
  • Operating a motorcycle without helmet
  • Illegal drug use
  • Anti-vaccine
  • Selling of bodily organs, (kidney, liver, etc.)
  • Selling sex
  • Crown Corporations


When you use: rape, incest, disability, poverty, foster care as the reason abortion is necessary, you are telling millions of people who were conceived in, or have overcome these circumstances, that their life is not valuable. Our worth as humans isn’t conditional, it is inherent.


An authoritarian government fights to keep bibles out of our schools, but drag queen story time is perfectly acceptable. We also witness laws allowing unfettered immigration and removing man’s ability to self-defense. The left proclaim Christianity is radical, anti-gay, but Islam is a peaceful and loving religion and letting kids be transgender is totally normal. In today’s world, the devil smiles, while God weeps.


Satan, tempted Jesus, why would he not tempt mortal humans and try to turn us away from God? Satan, in order to increase his power, would be the parent that gives freely and spoils their children. One would be dependent upon his kindness, generosity and fairness.


Once sin passes from temptation to tolerance, the next step is approval. Once it reaches approval, the sin is accepted, forgotten all together. Society accepted sodomy, abortion, euthanasia. What sin will be next?


Atheism is a religion, a faith that there is no Supreme Being or God. A government not allowing one to share their belief in God has already taken the position of atheism and thus a religious position.


An authoritarian atheistic government speaks in tones of self-censorship in order that one should not offend another’s in-your-face lack of morality. They argue that it disregards manners, dignity, respect and is not the Government’s place. But we as voters place Man in government and unfortunately these individuals pass numerous laws re-educating thoughts and prohibiting offensive speech. This lack of moral code leads to intolerance and furthers the authoritarian government and atheistic view.


If one does not fight between good and evil, you believe Satan does not exist. This may sound counterintuitive, but this allows Satan’s power to grow because he has been allowed to act subversively, secretly, behind the scenes. If you believe Satan does not exist, then you do not believe in God. If one does not believe in God, then one also does not believe in a moral code.


Silencing truth is the leftist’s primary method of empowering a maligned leftist government over you and me. Those of us with moral judgement, are silenced and intimidated if not bullied from speaking our truth as defined by true religious doctrine. You and I, including members of government should be free to practice our religion, publicly promote its truth and share the Good News. A health minister who choses and promotes life over the culture of death is precisely the right person for the job. An authoritarian government is intent on forcing you away from the truth of our Lord. Those who do not know truth, should not be allowed stewardship of the public good and morality over you and me.


Morality should and must stand the test of time. Veritable, authentic, faithful morality is timeless, it cannot be bent and shaped, like situational ethics. I say morality, God’s morality must be defended. All of us must be engaged to fight this evil.


Christianity cannot coexist in society when you place your faith in government as a moral authority. Eliminating faith and godly devotion weakens one resolve. It forces people to put their trust, devotion and allegiance in government, an institution of brick, mortar and bureaucratic human leadership. People weak in faith can be controlled.


Evil never sleeps. The left and Satan are intent on eroding and destroying our religious institutions to weaken our resolve and legitimize their sins so they need not be repentant. An authoritarian atheistic government has no moral standards, it has nothing to cherish (other than their leftist institution). Their moral authority bends whichever the wind blows, essentially the new flavor of the month.


The Law of God is not simply to govern actions. It is for our hearts and attitudes. Purity of heart is what God wants from us, purity of heart down to the deepest part of our being. The Law of God is perfect. Moral laws, laws written on the heart, are not only right, but known to all. All moral principles derive from moral law. When you turn away from God’s spirit in scripture, you create your own form of religion. God gave us free will, please do not refer to man’s law as religion based or that it affirms Christian ethics.


Christians organize all society in function of God’s law, and from this comes order and peace. A Christian society also presupposes a fight against evil and all those who wish to destroy this order and peace. The Devil is cunning, he employs many strategies to weaken society and turn people away from the light.


If you have no belief in God, you have no fear in your decisions. You proclaim there are no repercussions for your actions or inactions. You are willing to gamble that man’s law mean nothing until the authorities catch you and convict you.


Government believes they are immune to, or intelligent enough to stop themselves from, committing atrocities. But government consists of humans and we are mistaken if we ignore God and what religious scholarly writings have revealed for over 2000 years: Humanity has a weakness, and it is sin driven by wants placed above God’s desires.


God knew one man’s freedom would impair another man’s freedom of life, liberty and property. Thus, he created the Ten Commandments. If man’s laws truly mirrored the Ten Commandments, we would be much better off as a society.


I encourage you to purchase and carefully read my book The Naked leftist to understand the war we as conservatives and Christians are fighting.


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