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George Floyd and White Supremacy

Posted 6/7/2020

Listening to Rush Limbaugh’s June 1st podcast provoked me for this this month’s blog. Rush spoke with the ‘Breakfast Club’ about George Floyd’s death. I can’t say murder, because we have yet to discover all the facts

(government and mainstream medias’ specific narrative, we should classify his death as Covid 19; independent autopsy reports confirmed he had the Wuhan Virus[i]). Rush, in his attempt to reach out to the left spoke from the heart about Floyd’s senseless death. In typical leftist fashion, the left pivoted and blamed whites, conservatism and that it justified the riots.

Numerous times the ‘Club’ cited White Supremacy; Rush pressed the ‘Club’ to define White Supremacy. I can’t speak for Rush but they dissatisfied me with their leftist double speak. What I heard before I turned off Rush was blacks need reparations and released from incarceration. There crimes and lack of ambition are not their fault but the fault of White Supremacy.

News flash: I was born, you were born. I like most of North America came from a lower middle-class family. My father earned a meager living. He kept a roof over our head, and food in our belly. We didn’t have much for toys and baubles, but we were happy. When I stepped out of line, my `parents’ punished me; sometimes with a leather belt or a wooden spoon. Yes, I deserved that punishment. I grew up not being a mass murder, alcoholic, or a dope toking deadbeat who blames all their woes on bad parents. I graduated high-school and found a job during an early 8os economic downturn affected by leftist governments. I took chances seeking other employment, learning new skills bettering myself.  That employment meant leaving home, leaving the security of family and friends by moving to other locations where jobs existed.

I continuously learned new skills, challenged myself to build wealth and security for my family. It also meant sometimes working 16 to 24-hour days; working in the rain, dust storms, minus 45 blizzards. White privilege did not grant me a black belt in karate. White privilege did not grant me winning provincial and national powerlifting championships. It took sacrifice, self-reliance, personal initiative, personal responsibility along with hard work to attain my goals. Because I am white, heterosexual, God fearing, conservative male, was precisely the reason I had to self-publish ‘The Naked leftist.’ Researching publishers, I quickly found that if I was a left leaning transvestite dumping on America, it guaranteed representation. There was no room for a free-thinking, hardworking conservative publishing an “opinion” piece, regardless if I had over 700 footnotes documenting sources.

I hope you noticed my prepositional phrases using the pronoun “I”, there may be white privilege for a few but for most us there is not. The rest of us invest in ourselves through self-reliance, personal initiative and personal responsibility. 

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