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Posted 12/15/2019

Democrats and Main Stream Media have pushed the contentious subject of impeachment since Trump was first sworn in as President of the United States. They got their nose bent out of joint because their crooked candidate lost in a fair election. The impeachment is not only an attack on Trump it’s an attack and a reversal of 63 million voters who cast their ballot for Trump.

Trump’s impeachment inquiry wrapped up and will soon go to the House floor for a vote. Purely partisan, the process was a sham; we witnessed Democrats breaking house rules, witnessed biased testimony from bureaucrats and academics. An inquiry where Republicans could not subpoena witnesses. Testimony of “I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend”. Testimony, “I read it in the New York Times”. Testimony “Trump fired me and hurt my feelings”. Testimony where no illegal act could be identified. Testimony “there was no quid no pro”, yet Democrats  forged ahead against the wishes of Americans.


After watching and listening to the evidence-free impeachment inquiries, along with Horowitz’s flawed IG report (no bias found), I am confident to make a few predictions:


$        The House will vote and with a narrow majority of Democrats force the impeachment trial to proceed in the Senate.


$        Senate will not refuse, but follow Trump’s wishes and proceed with a trial rather than dismiss the bogus impeachment charges. Even though Trump wants a lengthy trial, I believe McConnell will ask for a vote quickly with no proceedings.


$        Trump will be acquitted, without calling a single witness to testify.


$        Trump’s approval numbers will continue to increase throughout his Presidency.


$        Hillary wrangles/coerces herself to be the Democrat candidate.


$        America will witness corrupt F.B.I., CIA officials, Democrats and possibly a few Republicans indicted for trial. Indicted on charges stemming from corruption, lying to FISA and Congress, abuse of powers from illegal surveillance before and after the election, and subsequent coup attempts after Trump’s swearing in.


$        Trump will win the 2020 election with ease.


$        Republicans will regain the House and retain the Senate


$        Trump will become the greatest President in American history:

                Taking on and beating the Deep State

                Finding and curtailing government corruption

                Building the wall

                Eliminating Obamacare

                Loading Supreme Court with 7 Republicans and reducing it to 2 Democrats

                Economy will continue to strengthen and grow to unprecedented levels

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