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SPRING CLEANING - Dusting the Attic

Posted 3/15/2020

It’s that time of year where Spring, a time of transition, that wonderful time of year where days lengthen, the ground turns from white or brown to green and other vibrant colors.

Spring, a time that awakens, arouses our senses. A time were many of earth’s species (including humans) transform away from the darkness of hibernation or near death, to a period of rebirth.


Spring is a period where we temporarily retire bulky winter clothing into storage and welcome the arrival of light, un-inhibiting summer apparel to our closets. It’s that time of year to commit to a thorough spring cleaning. Besides your house and or garage do not neglect your mental health.  Use this brief conversion to purify your body, mind and soul.


Use this emetic period to renew and grow. This Spring reward your mind with an enema, rid yourself of leftist ideals and negativity.  Reflect on past transgressions. Rewards will be fruitful. Move to the light, study and apply the ways of conservatism, for it is right and just.



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