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Taxpayers Bill of Rights

Posted 12/15/2019

During 2019 Saskatchewan Party Convention Bear Pit session I was given the opportunity to address SaskParty MLA’s with:[i]


                Approximately the 2 hours 31-minute mark

Thank you, Mr. Premier, Randy Schiller, Weyburn Big Muddy


True freedom for Saskatchewan residents includes limited government and the ability for residents to increase their social status and social mobility. Indentured servitude to the government is not freedom! 


Governments must not only balance their budgets but drastically reduce the size of government and their spending. Taxation revenues must be reduced.  Government spending growth must be eliminated. Make the hard decisions, governments are not too big to fail. Citizens must be self-reliant, have personal initiative and personal responsibility.


Schedule A of the SaskParty Constitution states we as a party believe and strive for  

• Smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government;

• Steady, gradual reduction in government spending and taxation while maintaining a firm

commitment to balanced budgets;


Mr. Premier, taxpayers need protection to prevent and reverse income stolen by our 3 levels of oversized - government.  Mr. Premier, when will Saskatchewan taxpayers see a taxpayer bill of rights because Saskatchewan taxpayers are not realizing our party’s principles?



Neither Premier Scott Moe’s nor Minister of Finance Donna Harpauer addressed my question directly or elicited warm fuzzy feelings that Saskatchewan’s government was moving in the right direction.


Summarizing: Premier Moe led off with competitiveness, importance of industry and Saskatchewan exports. Our competitiveness is being challenged by the Federal Carbon tax; it is hurting us all.  Premier Moe, agreed government should do better and our government should keep our founding principles (SaskParty) in mind.  Premier reminded SaskParty members that government (under SaskParty leadership) works hard to have some of the lowest taxes in Canada but we need to invest in health care and education. We needed to balance that competitiveness between industry, tax payers and those investments (healthcare, education, highways).


Minister Harpauer’s response was just as disappointing. She reiterated the Premier’s points, balance and competitiveness with other provinces.  The Minister deflected that Saskatchewan residents demanded funding for health care, education and other services. She appealed Saskatchewan would not grow without that balance and amenities are paid for by taxes.


Premier closed with the response that SaskParty MLAs, present and future, should be mindful of that balance and maintaining a competitive environment.


My impression is the Saskatchewan government will continue to spend without keeping taxpayers’ interests in mind. The province of Saskatchewan will continue to draw in revenue, spending much of it on non-essential services and thus furthering an expansive government.

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