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Wuhan Virus, Kung Flu

Posted 4/4/2020

Wuhan flu, Corona virus, Covid 19, or if you wish a terrorist's dream, whatever you want to refer to it, it is nothing more than a serious case of the flu. This virus shall pass, but others will arise. Our governments decisively crippled our economy with their idiotic, ludicrous martial law. It will take years for this economic carnage to recover from this willful fascism.

What purpose did shutting in the economy serve?


I worry for those in retirement or close to retirement. A 50% decrease in your retirement portfolio’s value requires a 100% gain to  recover your loss. A 70% loss requires a return of 233.3% . I pity those who are financially illiterate or those who do not have the funds to play and beat the market’s volatility.

What purpose did shutting in the economy serve?

Is Canada's socialized healthcare system that fragile? Was this wanton destruction initiated to prevent death? The death argument doesn’t wash. Our healthcare system continues to provide abortion and euthanasia. Let’s add some context with numbers provided by (if accurate). Since Jan 1st 2020 to Mar 25th, 2020, the numbers of world deaths from[i]:

  • Corona virus                             21,297                
  • Seasonal flu                            113,034
  • Alcohol                                    581,599
  • Smoking                               1,162,481
  • Cancer                                  1,909,804            

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I place little trust in Wuhan virus statistics. China under-reported Wuhan virus deaths, plus how many dissidents were killed under the pretense of Wuhan? Numbers shared from other countries are only estimates of `known cases’; many individuals had no knowledge they had the virus. The number of deaths may be exaggerated because we do not know the demographics involved with those deaths and their underlying conditions. Most Wuhan virus deaths had underlying conditions; just because people had the virus when they died, does not mean the individual died by the virus. If the first 15 days of the shutdown didn’t work, why would another 30 days work?

We did not destroy our economy to prevent deaths from seasonal flu, alcohol, or cancer. We did not destroy our economy for other epidemics/pandemics the likes of MERS, SARS or Swine flu. So, why must we destroy our economy for this acute case of the flu? Did globalists initiate a coup against capitalism? Was it a plot to take down the President Trump and the US economy? Was it bio-terrorism started by the Chinese?

We witness the worst in human behaviour. Videos displaying idiots spitting on others, spitting/licking food in grocery stores or licking toilet seats; purposeful handling consumer products so others can be infected; ignoring self-distancing; profiteering (including government workers receiving raises). What would humanity endure if we truly had a severe global pandemic?

We also witnessed compassion, and other virtuous behaviour, such as Premier Ford using his personal truck to deliver masks to a hospital on his own time. Unfortunately, there are thousands of unsung heroes who will never get a photo op, let alone receive a hand shake (elbow bump) or thank you.

Against my better judgement I must give PM Trudeau partial credit for not overreacting. Unfortunately, during his drunken, doped up stupor or on one of his endless UN Quid pro quo vote buying tours, he did not provide government direction or leadership. That failing to to communicate and empathize with Canadians allowed the media to propagate lies and hysteria. Trudeau, like Trump should have ceased travel to/from China (and other international locations); he should have closed our porous borders; he should have conveyed Canadians commit proper hygiene and use common sense concerning distancing and self isolation. Our liberal government continues to fail to reassure Canadians that support (even if it is our own money) is forthcoming.

Trump realized the seriousness of this virus before his State of the Union Address, that same address that Pelosi tore in half. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives who walked in San Francisco’s China Town encouraging tourists and locals to not self-isolate because of coronavirus concerns. Or the state Governors the likes of Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer (Dem) banning hydroxychloroquine. Or the guy who turned down 16,000 ventilators in 2015, the guy who forgot there were 4,000 ventilators in a warehouse, the guy who didn't allow pharmacies to carry life-saving hydroxychloroquine. You know the guy, Andrew Cuomo, Democrat Governor of New York. Now Democrats seek to impeach Trump for his response to the virus. Was the release of this virus politically motivated?

Wuhan will eventually pass, maybe, but we must deal with the cost of recovery fast and soon. Higher taxes obligated by future generations to offset those individuals and business affected by this destructive shut down is not fair nor sustainable. Who will survive (mentally, physically, financially) and at what costs? Printing money (government debt) and wealth redistribution is not the answer. Being gainfully employed is!

Was this a global experiment by globalists to test humanity, or is it a test to see if government can control you and I? What will we witness next, police/surveillance state (some jurisdictions already have)? Will we witness martial law? I say we already are under martial law, and most of the population doesn’t know it yet because with the help of the media and fake news fear has successfully indoctrinated the populace to Marxism. I for one dislike giving up my rights, dreams and freedoms for some false security that allows a few to control the many. Would the brave men who fought in World War I and II agree to our loss of freedoms that we so easily surrender?



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