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The Naked leftist:

A Conservative's Perspective to Understanding Liberals & Socialists

The Naked leftist: A Conservative's Perspective to Understanding Liberals & SocialistsThe Naked leftist: A Conservative's Perspective to Understanding Liberals & Socialists

I, like you, believe “the written word can change the world, one reader at a time.”


The Naked leftist, a politically incorrect philosophical enlightenment for conservatives, a conservative self-help book. As the title suggests, my nonfiction/political science book elucidates and proves with evidence, the conviction, the questionable motivation and tactics of leftists.


Politics surrounds us; some acknowledge it, others don’t. It was inevitable my literary repertoire as a speculative screen writer would embrace and create debate within the discipline of North American politics.


I have yet discovered a political composition that analyzes, exemplifies the reasoning and behavior of a virtuous North American leftist; one succinctly discussing how leftism affects North American politics and culture. What I perceived and experience was not understood nor conveyed by other conservatives. My book allows conservative minded individuals to understand the leftist doublespeak, the exploits of leftist proletarian warriors and suggests how one can effectively combat the bankrupt leftist arguments. 


If you have not read, nor understand the Communist Manifesto, the Regina Manifesto, the Leap Manifesto, and the newly created Green New Deal;


then you must PURCHASE The Naked leftist.


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If you do not know the Cloward Piven strategy or know Saul Alinsky's 13 Rules for Radicals;


then you must PURCHASE The Naked leftist.

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If you have argued with a leftist and wish you could reboot your debate;


then you must PURCHASE The Naked leftist.



The Naked leftist:

A Conservative's Perspective to Liberals & Socialists


  • The leftist Religious Doctrine

Draws attention to the Communist Manifesto and its North American revision, the Regina Manifesto. These duplicitous declarations define the genesis of modern leftism and its intended takeover throughout.

  • Alinsky & North America’s Communist Coup

Alerts Conservatives to covert leftist tactics developed by the petty thief Saul Alinsky and his diligent leftist followers. 

  • Gun Control, It’s Total Control

Statism, totalitarian dictatorship akin to Stalin, Hitler. Today’s leftist arm themselves with legislation to remove gun ownership from law-abiding citizens under the pretext of citizen safety, endeavoring an internationalized police and military state to eliminate all disobedience against the left.

  • Mother Earth, The New Religion

Mother earth and leftism, humanity must be subservient to the spiritual planet, Gaia. Blinded by power, the left manipulates science to redistribute the wealth. 

  • The Collective

Marxism, communism, socialism, liberalism, progressive, ‘The Collective’, it does not matter how you tag it, each one of these terms offend conservatives, they are synonymous and its leftism. The Collective subversively ‘educates’ the populace into submission.

  • Evil Never Sleeps

This chapter discusses the feebleness of leftist ethics and morality, and their apocrypha for religion, especially Christianity. There is a massive concerted leftist crusade redefining the bible to the unenlightened masses. Conservative Christians must understand and counter the revisionists. False prophets disingenuously misinterpret biblical passages to promote passivity and erode religious rights. Just like the Disciples, we must turn to follow God’s law and consider disobedience to man’s law with its activism to destroy religious doctrine. 

  • Apollonius Complex

Defines why leftist leaders relish power. Total dominance of the masses, create control through education, contradictory economic theory and through massive government regulation/bureaucracy under the cloak of compassion. Rules don’t apply to a devout leftist, but rules must be enforced upon others.

  • The Enlightened One

A bloc claiming enlightened, but exhibits a “superior” lack of intelligence. This chapter illuminates conservatives that the left does not debate with facts nor logic but fights with a false acceptance initiated by feelings. This precipitates the left’s greatest asset and weapon, ‘the Moron vote’. When you feel, you no longer further your thought process. When you reason, meditate, you weigh the consequences of your actions and actions of others.

  • Law, Ethics: Need Not Apply

Exploitation of crime, health and safety regulations under the subversive guise of compassion with sole intent to subdue the masses for absolute governmental control.

  • The Unhappy Camper

Have you ever truly observed a happy leftist? What drives a leftist they move the goal posts further left? More importantly, why do Conservatives capitulate? 

  • True Party of Greed

Displaces perpetuated leftist myths conservatives are greedy capitalists. Our leftists, the party of plunder, so consumed with wealth redistribution and their own wealth acquisition, are by their own definition the true crony capitalists.

  • Tolerance & Open-minded

Exposing intolerance from those who demand tolerance.

  • Key (Keynes) To A leftist’s Heart

Keynes economic theory is how leftists bleed free market capitalism ensuring leftism’s survival. One must be financially literate to basic economic theory (Austrian economics) to counter leftist arguments. Conservative policies and ideals create wealth for everyone, we aspire prosperity for everyone. Winston Churchill said it best, “You don't make the poor richer by making the rich poorer.”

  • Proletarian Brotherhood of Solidarity

Working leftist men/women unite. A brotherhood and sisterhood, broadening the leftist takeover of our once free nations.

  • Shining Knight on Colorless Horse

Victim, thy name is leftism and the leftist finger pointedly directed upon conservatives or rich white males as the oppressor. Class warfare and victimization ensures leftists remain in power and increases their supremacy over her citizens. There is no underclass or leftist cause not to be prostituted, perpetuated and propagated by the left.

  • Culture Shock

The final chapter recaps leftist ideology and its destructive symbiotic relationship within today’s woke culture. Conservative’s grapple against the left’s cultural manipulation; a concerted leftist effort brainwashing our youth through media, pop culture, and public education.

  • Media-Idiocy

Main stream media sycophants and groupies carry buckets of intoxicating Kool-aid for leftist regimes. It's a concerted, scripted effort of leftist bias and ‘Fake News’ attacking and assassinating conservatism furthering leftist ideology.



The Naked leftist journey embarked with a problem, or should I say a seed. During my teenage years as a strong yet naïve conservative, I noticed differences in how the political warfare battled between conservative, liberal and socialists. Why did conservatives not see, understand the leftist political combat and use those same leftist assault tactics against leftist enemies to win debates, elections and; further conservative values of personal initiative, self-reliance and personal responsibility? 

Over the years that dormant seed matured into a painful thorn; I could not find material that succinctly shared what I knew and understood to be equivocal truths. That thorn budded in 2014 with a few notes. That bud, blossomed to a rose. Hopefully, this rose, The Naked leftist, will be fruitful and produce a stunning rose garden. 

If you have not read the Communist Manifesto or its brethren: The Regina, the Winnipeg, or the Leap Manifesto, or the New Green Deal, then you must purchase The Naked leftist. 

If you do not know of the Cloward & Piven strategy, then you must purchase The Naked leftist. 

How abut the petty thief Saul Alinsky? Unaware of this radical, then you must purchase The Naked leftist. 

Have you read the 45 Goals of the Communist Takeover of America by Cleon Skousen? If not, then you must purchase The Naked leftist. 

Did you know Southern Democrats created the racist group KKK to instill fear in blacks, Catholics and conservatives? So, convince me how a left-wing hate group, a precursor to the Nazi SS, became a right-wing extremist group? 

How many of you were taught Hitler, and the Nazis were right-wing fascists? I guarantee Nazism is not right-wing; historical revisionism or historical malpractice forgets Hitler was an avowed unelected socialist. 

Watermelons, green on outside red on inside, believe Michael Man’s fraudulent hockey stick graph detailing his historical version of global temperature to be gospel but those same watermelons disregard the Bible’s centuries old words, teachings, argue that the Bible’s message of love is nonsense and irrelevant in today’s society. 

How many know our current education system is a refinement of the 19th century Prussian education system? 

We’ve all had colorful discussions with leftists. If you wished you could reboot any of those debates to re-argue your position because a leftist attacked your character, questioned your feelings and motivation or put you in a defensive position, then you must purchase The Naked leftist. 

The above paragraphs are the basis for understanding the methods and motivation leftists use to sway “people kind” toward the 'Great Reset'. 

My goal within The Naked leftist is to create a path of enlightenment. Just as a Karateka or practitioner of karate endeavors to attain a black belt, one must first learn the basics. A Sensei, which means master or teacher, first teaches the basics of self-defense. As the Karateka advances and comprehends, the Sensei furthers the Karateka with the art of counter attack. This is done by katas (simulated fight) and kumite (sparring). 

A great Sensei will teach a kata’s bunkai or spirit to make that kata fluid, flow without thought. A great Sensei knows his teaching ability is limited to the level of his skill and knowledge. A great Sensei continuously learns and practices; for perfection is never attained. You will not win all your battles but you will lessen your losses. 

Create a path to enlightenment; Lessen your losses, PURCHASE The Naked leftist NOW.

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