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I Believe


“I Believe” was my campaign platform in 2014 when I ran as a Strong Conservative for the Conservative Party of Canada nomination in the federal riding of Souris-Moose Mountain. This platform remains relevant today as it did in 2014.


Conservatism, it is right and just!


I believe in small, but limited government.

I believe in self-reliance

I believe in personal initiative.

I believe in personal responsibility.

I do not believe in wealth redistribution by government.

I believe in fiscal responsibility from all levels, from our children and most importantly from our governments.


Government Confiscation - Wealth Redistribution

Posted 8/6/2019

I venture many of you have flown on a commercial airline relate to the pre-flight spiels the Stewardess delivers. They instruct passengers to emergency procedures during a sudden fuselage decompression. Our Stewardesses are adamant you place your oxygen mask on yourself first rather than others. You cannot help others unless you save yourself first.   

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Free Trade, Free Market & Austrian Economics = PROSPERITY

Posted 8/6/2019

The simplest argument demonstrating the absurdity concerning tariff barriers was devised by Henry George, who observed during peacetime nations-imposed tariffs on themselves in order to keep out foreign goods, while in wartime nations-imposed naval blockades on other countries in order to prevent them from receiving foreign goods. If the protectionist arguments were correct, wouldn’t naval blockades make the enemy country prosper?

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Military - Foreign Policy

Posted 8/6/2019

A nation’s strong defense is a strong offense. A well-equipped and well-trained military is essential for a nation’s security and sovereignty.

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Government Spending

Posted 8/6/2019

All levels of government (especially state and federal) are Interventionists, each operates with a mixture of capitalism and socialism. Because each operates partially under socialism, it suffers from the defects of socialism. Our governments should not be Santa Claus. The profit-and-loss test, should govern where your hard-earned tax dollars are spent.

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Posted 8/6/2019

It has only been in the last 100 years inflation took over the world. Deflation was the norm before our last century. Governments are the only ones who gain from inflation. Inflation makes the national debt more manageable because it can be repaid with cheaper dollars.[1]  Inflation allows the government to spend more than it collects in taxes. Our currency has no real value and prevents our governments from making hard choices.

[1]              Crash Proof 2.0, page 95 - why inflation is the silent partner, by Peter Schiff

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Financial Literacy

Posted 8/6/2019

All individuals must increase their financial literacy. Canadians and Americans developed into a nation of consumers, rather than savers and producers. Debt enslaves, robbing you of independence. Saving will bring you freedom. So many North Americans treat money as an entitlement. Once everyone becomes financially literate, we can hold our governments more accountable; governments will spend less, taxes will lower.

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Government Corruption


You can finger point to all political parties for past and present corruption, but the biggest abusers are Citizens who continually ask for handouts and bailouts or simply demanding more free stuff to be handed to them. Special interest groups, such as Idle No More, Occupy Wall Street, or the global warming and environmentalists are nothing but wealth redistributionists.



Think About It!

Think about it, if all taxation paid by citizens were lessened by 10%, how much more money you could save for your retirement. 

Think about it, if the road excise tax attached to fuel was actually spent on roads.




Freedom includes the right to say what others may object to and resent... The essence of citizenship is to be tolerant of strong and provocative words.
- John Diefenbaker - April 9, 1970, House of Commons



Benjamin Franklin

When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.

- Benjamin Franklin



Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin - “Do you want free stuff, or freedom.”

I choose freedom.


John Diefenbaker 

I have one love - Canada; one purpose - Canada's greatness; one aim - Canadian unity from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
- John Diefenbaker, 1956 nomination speech PC leadership convention


Thomas Paine

Beware the greedy hand of government thrusting itself into every corner and crevice of industry.

– Thomas Paine



Those Who Do Not Work, Shall Not Eat


For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

- 2 Thessalonians 3:10



Happening At A University Near You

Harper was helping his son move into a Saskatchewan university residence.  Behind the reception counter, a young female student spotted Harper’s golf shirt’s “Conservative” political party logo.  She sneered and under her breath exclaimed “fascist”.

Harper extended a friendly hand and introduced himself. “Hello, my name his Harper.”

Female student ignored Harper’s gesture of goodwill. Harper noticed the girl’s name tag. “Hillary, you must be a Marxist?”

Hillary, facial expression resembling a deer in the headlights, replied, “A what?” 

“A Marxist.”

Hillary’s stunned appearance remained.

Harper smiled and politely clarified, “A socialist.”

Hillary, smugly answers, “An avowed socialist.”

Harper, “I’m glad we have something in common, Hitler was a socialist.”

“He was NOT!”  Hillary exclaims sharply.

“He was. But apparently your highly socialized education hasn’t yet taught you that.”

“That’s because our education system is under-funded. Our teachers are underpaid, and schools lack needed resources. Our primary and secondary education should be expanded and funded in its entirety so that education is free for everyone.” Hillary self-importantly exclaims.

“Really?”  Harper asks “What did you pay in federal and provincial income taxes last year?”

“None, enlightenment is my focus, not employment."

“Oh, that is too bad, for employment can be enlightening.  How much did your parents contribute in taxes to the Saskatchewan education system?” 

“I don’t know.”  Hillary defensive, “They are too busy slaving so they can send me to school.”

Harper sighs, “Let me share my circumstances, I am in what you would call the 1.6% of the population whom provided 30.4% of taxes collected derived from 44% of my earnings. From the forced contributions that your parents and I provided, 40% is allocated to health care and 20% is allocated to education. Did you know that?”

Hillary, sheepishly, shakes her head. “Rich need to pay their fair share!  It is still not enough.”

“Hillary, because you indicated you are an avowed “socialist” and you feel you have rights to a “free” education  I am obligated to inform you that an avowed socialist government will state to you what you will need to learn and what your employment will be before and after your free education. So, because our society at present has a shortage of toilet domestics, once you convocated from SHIT (Sask Hygiene Institute of Toilets), you will be required to work 16 hours per day for 6 days a week. But, perhaps the government wishing to be benevolent, may only force you to clean toilets 10 hours per day. And because of equality a true socialist government will no longer require wages, due to the greater good government will provide all sustenance and housing for her citizens.  Because our beloved Saskatchewan Snake Producers lobbied that their snake steaks sales are lower than an asp in the grass, you will eat snake for a year.  Since you cannot live on snake alone, government will provide you potatoes. Because government has an abundance of SPUDCO potatoes harvested in 1996, that have yet to be sold into the world market, you will eat potatoes. Don’t worry about that constant pain in your lower back due to your head being stuck in a toilet for 60 hours a week, we will provide free government controlled marijuana at every street corner to ease your pain.  You can disengage from society and decisions that an avowed socialist government made on your behalf and quietly live your life in peace and tranquility with nature in an unheated sparsely adorned apartment because your socialist state depended upon unreliable green energy while banning oil and gas drilling and deemed personal possessions unnecessary. For we must work for the greater good of equality and environment.”  



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