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Military - Foreign Policy

Posted 8/6/2019

A nation’s strong defense is a strong offense. A well-equipped and well-trained military is essential for a nation’s security and sovereignty.

There is no greater sacrifice then to give up your life for someone. Our prideful military men and women (and their families), fight for nationalistic freedom and values.  It troubles me when our military men and women’s prestigious careers are shortened for the sole purpose of cost savings by unelected unpatriotic leftist bureaucrats. Furthermore, we must not disservice them when they choose to end their patriotic military service. PTSD should not be ignored but understood and treated. Whether in or out of the military services these courageous men and women should be given our full respect, attention and not treated as second-class citizens.


Our military men and women’s love of freedom, love for their fellow countrymen and their love of country deserve our respect, our love, our support. Our military ‐ volunteered to defend freedom ‐ both domestic and foreign. I support our troops in their oversea missions.


Prime Minister Harper, tweeted, Sept 17, 2014.@pmharper: "When we help other people preserve their freedom, it is our own freedom we also preserve." #cdnpoli #Canada #Ukraine




Like most patriotic citizens I am torn. I believe a majority of our nations’ citizens are concerned with our governments sending money abroad. One part of me tells me we must get our fiscal house in order before sending troops and tax payers’ money overseas. Let them (Islamists) kill each other off; but the Christian and freedom fighter tells me we must assist, for there are innocent men, women and children persecuted in the melee. For roughly 10% of the Middle Eastern population comprises Christians.


Assistance may come in many forms whether it be sending troops or sending wheat or canned beef. Assistance does not however involve undocumented refugees attaining rapid citizenship. We must ensure we create solid, patriotic Canadian citizens, for we do not wish foreigners to become Canadians while Canadians become aliens.   


Our foreign policy must encourage free and democratic societies.

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