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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  CULTURE SHOCK


BASED ON:           A novel by Gary Goski entitled “Culture Shock.”


PAGES:                138    WRITER:    adapted to screen play by Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Sci-fiction              Action


COMPARISON:    Logan’s Run, Running Man


FORMAT:             Big Screen Screenplay


LOG LINE:            Extremists attempt to change mistaken priorities by Earth’s Elites, by setting in motion a last-ditch effort that would end the silent war once and for all, whether they win or lose.



What does the future have in store for us?  Earth, pristine, and serene a hedonistic Garden of Eden but reality is far from arrant.  Reality has many faces, below the peaceful facade simmers discontent and evil.  Mistaken priorities by Leaders and a few Elites have dehumanized most of the world’s population.  The needs of a few outweigh the needs of the many.  The masses, upon contract expiration, forfeit their organs, so Multi-lifers retain their youth through regenerative tissue and replacement organs.


The Rat Pack surfaces as a rebel organization wielding recruiters like BULL TAYLOR, to bring over Contractees, like ALFRED, who do not want to give up their lives to the organ harvesters of the Culture.  As a result, the Culture attempts to crack down on the Rat Pack even as the Pack sets in motion their attacks and plans for a new world.  Many are willing to engage or sacrifice, but some necessitate a more drastic coercion into the fray for freedom. 


The Rat Pack instigates an intricate plan aimed at toppling the Culture and its leader, GREGORY DEVANE, during what is the Culture’s most barbaric invention, the Carnival, and with some unlikely Allies, the Rat Packs of the world rise in a final assault to bring freedom of choice and balance once more to the earth.


Freedom to some can be totally foreign.  Freedom comes in many shades.  And at what cost is freedom digestible?

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