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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  GERALDINE




PAGES:                  111                      WRITER:    Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Drama,        Coming of Age,     60's Nostalgia




FORMAT:             Big Screen Screenplay


LOG LINE:             Immigrated Parisian Teenager seeks acculturation in America’s turbulent Sixties; a culture where nothing was taboo, a culture that shaped a future.



GERALDINE, a reserved teenager, arrives with her beloved family from urbane Paris to rural Santa Fe, in the chaotic summer of 1966. Befriended by rustic teenagers, Geraldine pursues assimilation to Americana, while sharing Parisian sophistication. Dreams of attending UCLA with her boyfriend BO and her best friend BILLIE JEAN unravels because of a series of scandalous trysts.


Encouraged by her liberal father to expand life’s knowledge, Geraldine journeys to UCLA alone. An outgoing free-spirited Texas teenager, TARA, befriends her, introducing unbounded liberation (to know all, experience all) from the early oppressive Sixties society. Bobby Kennedy’s death shatters Geraldine’s orthodox spirit. Disillusioned, Tara’s free spirit entices Geraldine to trip out and join the Hippie craze. Unfulfilled with the peace movement, Geraldine and Tara abandon Commune life to join the rebellious Oakland HELLS ANGELS. Tara’s death from a failed backroom abortion turns Geraldine to L.A. An embodied sage enchants Geraldine. A spiritualist who has all the answers to life’s questions, a man named CHARLES MANSON. Seeking truth, knowledge and spirituality, she follows Manson’s family.


Charlie’s revolution is not for Geraldine. Her wandering, searching soul remains unfulfilled. Journeying home for solace, Geraldine discovers her steadfast friend, Billie Jean, struggling as an imprisoned mother and housewife. Geraldine convinces Billie Jean to take a leap of faith and follow her dream, Hollywood. Recognizing the stability of her faithful family, Geraldine draws into the creed which always tempted her. A sisterhood vocation many believe passe’ and contradicts the individualistic, ‘me’ society which continues today.


Tying Geraldine’s struggles together, we incorporate pivotal Sixties news footage. News Clips of world events that freed a nation and helped revolutionize a world.


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