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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  JUST CRUISIN’




PAGES:                116                       WRITER:    Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Episodic Comedy,  80s Nostalgia, Hot Rodders/Cruising


COMPARISON:    American Graffiti in the Eighties


FORMAT:             Big Screen Screenplay


LOG LINE:            Fun loving classic muscle car enthusiasts cruise an eighties summer weekend creating havoc for each other until a tragic event down shifts life’s motion.



A hot, southern California, mid 80s summer evening, introduces our Just Cruisin’ Gang, a unique cast of characters and classic hot rods with the arrest of TILT and WUSSY. Police Officers GARY GURSKI and CALVIN OVALL (Oddball), facilitate the release of their friends. The pretentious arrest demands retribution. Favor returned, introduces the rest of our Just Cruisin’ Gang: U.B.; PINKY; and the lovable REDWOOD TWINS.


Friday morning, the upcoming weekend prevents the Just Cruisin’ Gang to focus on work, only girls, gears and fun! Trouble accelerates when Wussy’s cousin, the devilish PERMAGRIN, arrives. The Gang cruise from good-natured fun trouble throughout the day, night and into the weekend.


Life, just as drag racing, begins and ends. As you up shift, life can be a smooth automatic five second adrenalin rush or one may blow an engine. Whether your life is in automatic or manual, there can be consequences to a bad shift. A friendly challenge to a midnight race on Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills, takes a deadly turn for the Redwood Twins, testing tight friendships.


Loyal friends forgive tragic youthful exuberance and continue to cruise life’s curves together. 


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