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Posted 8/4/2019



BASED ON:          


PAGES:                1132             WRITER:     Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Action / Intrigue


COMPARISON:    Murder at 1600 finds Manchurian Candidate




LOGLINE:           Disgraced ex-Secret Service Agent, and a dogged, determined female DC Homicide Detective are handled by the Deep-state as they investigate prolific Washington murders during partisan primaries.



Assigned to the suspicious death of a rock star, REGINA, Washington D.C. Detective CHARLY DOVER, a black woman with a future but suffers trust issues. Under pressure to close Regina’s case, Charly is unconvinced Regina’s high-profile death is suicide as her peers’ claim, nor accidental as the media claim. STUMPY, the Rock Creek Park flasher, trips over the decomposed body of Doe Lesy, a friend of Regina and intern for presidential hopeful SENATOR CHELSEA WINFREY. Outcast Secret Service Agent BEVERLY CORNELL, a man accused of dereliction of duty by former co-workers and sexual impropriety by his ex-wife, is parachuted in to assist Charly in this politicized and media frenzied homicide case.


Probable suspects for Doe’s death end up with irrefutable alibis or dead. But this is deep-state and establishment campaigns run deep. You can’t believe everything you read, see, or hear. Our Senator voices Doe’s death was committed by the Rock Creek Park Flasher. Tiberius, Regina’s eccentric Fan Club President, was the last known person to witness Regina and Doe alive. SARAH, Bev’s bitter ex-wife, now a powerful Republican Senator’s wife, carries a vengeful and public hatred of her ex. A lesbian female Police Officer becomes a suspect for Stumpy’s death during his incarceration; but she’s discovered murdered during her arrest proceedings. Beverly becomes the accused for the Officer’s death and for an impending assassination to a presidential candidate, JUDGE CROSS.


“There are no leaks in this town; they are all flushed toilets," according to our lead Detective Dover. Our Detectives deduce the deaths are intertwined. “It’s all a matter of perspective, witnesses, evidence they are all too contrived, perfect, too much ‘strategery’, like a political campaign.” Charly and Beverly are being handled by a professional. Whom in the deep-state pulls the strings? Senator Winfrey, they realize, is the perfect candidate. They must affect the Senator’s arrest, stop the assassination and catch the real assassin.





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