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Posted 8/4/2019





PAGES:                95                       WRITER:    Randy Schiller


GENRE:                 Love Story


FORMAT:             Made for Television Movie, or Big Screen Screenplay


LOG LINE:            Life tragically tears childhood love; Chris, now a drug rehab physician, secretly endeavors to fulfill his loving childhood vow and reconcile Chantel’s agony, a life destroyed by  circumstance and devastating addictions.




CHRIS EASTMAN and CHANTEL JOHNSON, two infectious nine-year-old's make a solemn, best buds vow, a promise to love each other. But life’s circumstance can be cruel; Chris realizes the sudden death of his parents. Chris’s last words before his forced cross-country separation, “Chantel, I will never forget you”.


Time does not heal all wounds but perpetuates its malice. Addiction abuse; a workaholic father and an alcoholic mother destroys Chantel’s loving home. Chris copes with his overwhelmed Uncle, whom struggles with his own addictions. Chantel’s weekly letters reconcile the harshness in Chris’s life, but Chantel, now sixteen, can no longer cope within her unloving home. She flees, leaving Chris’s weekly letters unreciprocated.


Life after love, love after life renewed. The discovery of Chris’s letters to Chantel by her mother, reunite a husband and wife’s lost love. Chantel, desperate, finds herself inside a Los Angeles strip joint. What she finds is a kind, old man and a new lease on life and a new name. Chris’s talents draw him to Beverly Hills and heal those struggling with the rigors of life.


Life can be circular, a chance bumping nearly reunites our childhood sweethearts. A Dr. Laura Schlessinger book signing impacts a troubled Chantel to seek help, Living Sky Addictions Rehab.


Chantel, revealing herself as a bird, unleashes childhood memories for Living Sky’s physician, Chris Eastman. Chris is beside himself; life’s complexities unfold. Is it Chantel, his childhood sweetheart? Chris laments, searching deep within his soul. Unkempt promises compel him to reveal his identity and rescue his unending love, but this is not the time to be a white knight to this stranger. So many questions.


Chris, incognito, prescribes friendship and love to rebuild trust and liberate his childhood beloved from her loneliness, depression and physiological dependency. She must be free from her demons before he can reunite lost love, his and Chantel with her parents.


The moment is true while enjoying Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World”. This Sleeping Beauty awakens within the castle when Chris reveals himself and the promise. Chantel, beside herself, withdraws. Chris’s questions answer themselves when Chantel declares she doesn’t want to be alone anymore. Chris’s final step, reuniting a broken family and creating anew. 


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