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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  SEALED


BASED ON:          


PAGES:                99               WRITER:     Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Suspense / Thriller




FORMAT:             Big Screen Screenplay


LOGLINE:            An overprotective widower with a past of mental illness verifies her sanity and that the war hero her daughter loves is a sadistic murder whose youth criminal record was sealed.



SARAH STELZER, sleepy southern town Court Stenographer, witnesses horrifying court proceedings for an intelligent and manipulative fourteen-year-old male, whom murders for sport. The misunderstood youth is free to walk the streets due to a technicality with court records permanently sealed.


Time, unbeknownst, can be circular because ten years later, HAYLEY (Sarah’s puerile daughter), presents her fiancée, the charismatic war hero, GARRET MAXHAM to Sarah. Time and family functions generate more questions than answers for the true character of this beloved young man.


Fretful, Sarah aggressively resurrects Garret’s past. Unable to solicit County Sheriff department’s help, Sarah procures the services of a private detective, WALTER KOHN. Walter struggles to gather evidence; it’s as if Garret didn’t exist before joining the army six years prior.


Garret sympathetically parlays to his infatuated fiancée that her obsessive-compulsive mother suffered yet another mental breakdown. Hayley pursues institutionalizing her mother. Failing, she invokes estrangement and a restraining order.


Walter’s inexplicable and questionable death drives Sarah to continue her covert investigation alone. Happenstance leads Sarah to a valuable evidence: Garret is DAVID BOYNTON, the fourteen-year-old manipulative male and more disconcerting everyone involved in the sealed juvenile’s case mysteriously died, disappeared, or now hospitalized for senility, with Sarah being the last direct connection. She must revisit the past and secure those sealed documents, and if necessary, illegally.


Disregarding restraining order, Sarah’s swift arrest summarily leads to her Judicial Assistant job suspension. Reevaluating her resolve for living, Sarah, while fashioning a noose, discovers the hard proof for her sanity. Resolution renewed, Sarah must protect her daughter at all costs, even if it means prison or the ultimate sacrifice, losing her life. Sarah abducts her distrusting daughter; She must shield her and confront the evil that seeks retribution.


Sarah witnesses Garret’s true character in love and war. His character impeccable, he was the scapegoat for past transgressions. Garret willingly sacrifices himself to draw the true killer, past and present, out from his lawful protective cover.


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