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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  SICKER THAN A DOG


BASED ON:           Inspired by a true story


PAGES:                114             WRITER:     Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Intrigue / Drama / Human Interest




FORMAT:             Made for Television Movie, or Big Screen Screenplay


LOGLINE:            A town against a man; Colt battles to regain his memory, and why he lost his job, his fiancée and his credibility.



Finding himself in a foreign country without memory of the past three days, ADAM (COLT) COULTER, a beloved male nurse and tightknit town’s councilman, struggles to regain normality. In the past 72 hours, Colt surgically severed his exemplary character; broke up with his fiancée CAROL; was terminated from Reciprocity Medical Center; and somehow traveled 500 miles into nowhere. Why and how did he journey there?


Demoralized, Colt seeks answers. Childhood friend, DEPUTY STELZER, doubts Colt’s remorse & narrative of events. They, the law, will not engage, as witnesses and video confirm the indiscretions. However, abnormalities persist, was workplace harassment toward Colt infected to an extra level? Hospital administrator, TYSON FREDERICKS, an aloof civil servant, bad mouths Colt’s reputation continuing the harassment outside his former workplace, which includes a relationship with Carol; the youthful and respected WALID CALMAR, the town’s new and only physician, remains tightlipped, indifferent. Why the household invasion, with Colt’s personal and work records destroyed? Why the hostility from Townsfolk that Colt sees his impeachment from Town Council? Harassment, subtle as it was, continues upon Colt continues on succeeding levels. This tight-knit rural community resembles the sheep they raise. What really happened to Colt during those three days?


Feeling outcast Colt perseveres. Slowly piecing the circumstances of his enigmatic lost three days he attempts to rebuild lost relationships, while building anew. Gaining favor from his new employer, JAMES PALLISER, a hard-assed construction boss; but Colt regains an unlikely surreptitious ALLY within Reciprocity Medical Center. Two allies are no-match for a county’s indignation, testing Colt’s resolve to lowest of all lows. Colt labors for nine months when the answer gives birth.


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