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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  SPACE GRIT   




PAGES:                130                       WRITER:    Randy Schiller, Gary Goski, Calvin Goski


GENRE:                Sci-fiction Comedy


COMPARISON:    Police Academy meets The Ice Pirates.


FORMAT:             Big Screen Screenplay


LOGLINE:            Space cowboy/bounty hunter Rompin’ Ron joins forces with an inept bunch of sacrificial frontier Reservists to save the Dominion from an insidious invasion by the Syndicate.



ROMPIN RON, a connoisseur of John Wayne westerns and the American West along with his trusty sidekick, the alien BZRK, rescue a misfit Reservist filled shuttle bus from Space Pirates. The wily old COMMODORE VIC VINGT, Rio Albireo’s Commandant persuades Ron and Bzrk to assist him in the base’s defense. Vic, suspicious of EMPEROR RODERIC’s motives for reopening this dissolute base, suspects the base’s location remains sacrificial bait against the encroaching, insidious Acheronian sYNDICATE.


Rebuffed in attempts to gain assistance from the ineffectual Democratic Organization of Progressive Entities (DOPE), the Emperor decides he must sway the Acheronian Syndicate to attack at a place of his choosing where he will meet them with overwhelming force; if it eliminates a few malcontents as a result, all the best. Unbeknownst to the Emperor, however, his daughter, PRINCESS SHAARA, follows her rampant hormones to the Rio Albireo sector in search of Rompin’ Ron, the fella who got away. However, Ron eyes another wild mustang, bounty hunter RJASHA.


Meanwhile, the Commodore and the more talented Reservists discover a saboteur skulks amongst them because of anomalies in Rio Albireo’s computers and power distribution network. Confirming the nefarious plot, Ron and Bzrk intercept an Acheronian Spy’s message while saving Rjasha cayuse. The rat hunt begins. Their task becomes problematical when Princess Shaara tracks Ron to the remote base. GRUK, the Acheronian Spy, while disabling Rio Albireo’s defenses, disables all long range ships’ hyper-drive, stranding everyone, including Princess Shaara on Rio Albireo as the Acheronian fleet advances to the attack.


The eccentric Reservists must defend their base if they wish to survive the onslaught. Led by the Commodore and Rompin’ Ron, Rio Albireo forges into the crucible of war where the most unlikely emerge as heroes in defense of their honor and intoxicating beverages for all!


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