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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  SUNSET COWBOY                  




PAGES:                99                      WRITER:    Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Comedy




FORMAT:             Big Screen Screenplay


LOG LINE:            Conned into coming to pretentious Hollywood with visions of fame, a naïve but colorful Cowpuncher regains his dignity with the aid of Sunset Blvd Call Girls.



An unscrupulous con man, HARRY, AKA ‘talent agent’, approaches a good-natured, ruff’n tuff cowboy, ERROLL KAVALINAS. Visions of stardom entices our naïve cowpuncher to dispense his rodeo winnings with Harry and meet in Hollywood. Onto, and within the Promised Land, Erroll’s woes multiply.  Destitute, Erroll meanders the streets of Hollywood during the time of peace and goodwill to your fellow man. A likable pimp, DELMAR, takes a shine to Erroll. Unfortunately, Erroll witnesses Delmar’s murder.


Hollywood, land of make believe, a city full of actors vying for something. DELMAR’S GIRLS, sharing hard luck stories, convince Erroll to stay in Hollywood, to be their protector. In return they will aid Erroll to fulfill his recent dream as an actor and find that scum Harry. Erroll finds Hollywood not as glamorous as portrayed on the silver screen, nor are supporting characters as helpful as those on the rodeo circuit back home.


Championship bronc rides return, for Erroll finds genuine love, TAMMY. Erroll’s Grand Entry, his big break to this Hollywood rodeo busts out during a Beverly Hill’s party. A wild west ruckus with a bogus Producer EPSTEIN, facilitates a break up with his newfound love and kills his big screen dream. Fortunately, KEATING, an actual producer, loves the wily audition. But what is fame if you have no one to share it with you?


Our sensitive Call Girls corral Erroll and rein in Tammy before Erroll pulls up stakes, leaving Hollywood forever. Love reunited, Errol and Tammy celebrate success in a posh Beverly Hills restaurant. As with all cowboy justice, retribution can only be solved with fisticuffs and a bar-room brawl. Harry Ullman finally receives his due.


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