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Posted 8/4/2019

TITLE:                  TOO MUCH 


BASED ON:          An idea by Janie Martin


PAGES:                118                       WRITER:    Randy Schiller


GENRE:                Comedy


COMPARISON:    Outrageous Fortune meets Touched by an Angel


FORMAT:             Big Screen Screenplay


LOG LINE:            A rookie Angel too virtuous for her own good attempts to save a wayward New York City bag lady’s soul, but time is of the essence and the soul she must save now is her own. 



A robbery gone awry introduces a foreordained collision between ANJELICA, an Angel, and her next crusade, BERTHA, a New York City bag lady. With the help from a devilish ARCHANGEL, Anjelica’s rookie, and virtuous heavenly powers constantly misfire. Anjelica’s nagging devotion to rescue the wicked and antagonistic Bertha triggers Bertha’s committal to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital.


Bertha’s steadfastness provokes Anjelica to struggle with her well-meant intentions. Anjelica loses her disavowal angelic powers at a horse race after Bertha wins an $800,000.00 long shot. Now the real trouble grips the duo. Anjelica, within 24 hours, must regain her ‘powers’ or cease to exist as an Angel. Bertha, now on the lam from her evil psych doctor “ANUS” WORKMAN, and a weasel I.R.S. Agent “Shifty” NADLER.  Both yearn Bertha’s newfound wealth.  Anjelica, wreaking havoc from her weakness to earthly vices, inadvertently enables Workman to demand her under his dishonorable clutches within Bellevue.


Bertha battles her conscience and doubts. Should she rescue a ‘nagging mortal’ from the kook factory? This combination of hell, reawakens Bertha back to the living. Guided, reacquired faith enables Bertha to face life and adversity; namely Dr. Workman, shifty Nadler, and now a nagging mortal ‘Angel’, head on. What plan does Bertha concoct to repatriate Anjelica, her friend, while fending off the dastardly Dr. Workman and the scorned Nadler?


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