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Why Buy The Naked leftist

Why buy The Naked leftist.Why buy The Naked leftist.


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Book Launch Reading: Chapters 1 - 5


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Book Launch Reading: Chapters 6 - 10


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Book Launch Reading: 11 - 13

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Book Launch Reading: Chapters 14 - Conclusion

The Naked leftist journey embarked with a problem, or should I say a seed. During my teenage years as a strong yet naïve conservative, I noticed differences in how the political warfare battled between conservative, liberal and socialists. Why did conservatives not see, understand the leftist political combat and use those same leftist assault tactics against leftist enemies to win debates, elections and; further conservative values of personal initiative, self-reliance and personal responsibility?


Over the years that dormant seed matured into a painful thorn; I could not find material that succinctly shared what I knew and understood to be equivocal truths. That thorn budded in 2014 with a few notes. That bud, blossomed to a rose. Hopefully, this rose, The Naked leftist, will be fruitful and produce a stunning rose garden.


If you have never read the Communist Manifesto or its brethren: The Regina, Winnipeg, or Leap Manifesto, or the New Green Deal, then you must purchase The Naked leftist.


If you do not know of the Cloward & Piven strategy, then you must purchase The Naked leftist.


How abut the petty thief Saul Alinsky? Unaware of this radical then you must purchase The Naked leftist.


Have you read the 45 Goals of the Communist Takeover of America by Cleon Skousen? If not, then you must purchase The Naked leftist.


Did you know Southern Democrats created the racist group KKK to instill fear in blacks, Catholics and conservatives? So, tell me how a left-wing hate group, a precursor to the Nazi SS, became a right-wing extremist group?


How many of you were taught Hitler, and the Nazis were right-wing fascists? I guarantee Nazism is not right-wing; historical revisionism or historical malpractice forgets Hitler was an avowed unelected socialist.


Watermelons, green on outside red on inside, believe Michael Man’s fraudulent hockey stick graph detailing his historical version of global temperature to be gospel but those same watermelons disregard the Bible’s centuries old words, teachings, argue that the Bible’s message of love is nonsense and irrelevant in today’s society.


How many know our current education system is a refinement of the 19th century Prussian education system?


We’ve all had colorful discussions with leftists. If you wished you could reboot any of those debates to re-argue your points because a leftist attacked your character, questioned your feelings and motivation or put you in a defensive position, then you must purchase The Naked leftist.


The above paragraphs are the basis for understanding the methods and motivation leftists use to sway “people kind”.


My goal within The Naked leftist is to create a path of enlightenment. Just as a Karateka or practitioner of karate endeavors to attain a black belt, one must first learn the basics. A Sensei which means master or teacher, first teaches the basics of self-defense. As the Karateka advances and comprehends, the Sensei furthers the Karateka with the art of counter attack. This is done by katas (simulated fight) and kumite (sparring).


A great Sensei will teach a kata’s bunkai or spirit to make that kata fluid, flow without thought. A great Sensei knows his teaching ability is limited to the level of his skill and knowledge. A great Sensei continuously learns and practices; for perfection is never attained. You will not win all your battles but you will lessen your losses.


Create a path to enlightenment; Lessen your losses, PURCHASE The Naked leftist NOW.

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